Solutions for the
Automotive Industry

Solutions for the Automotive Industry
Infrared optics applications
LED optics
Headlamp optics molds
Low cost imaging optics
backup camera
Signal lamp bezel and
reflector molds
Pedestrian and animal detection

The next generation
in freeform ultra precision

New innovative
app notes
tungsten carbide
XZ vertical grinding
1200 RPM XZC
(slow tool servo) machining
of an aspheric toric  
Freeform® L brochure
freefom diamond turning
groove non-rotationally symetric surfaces
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Precitech designs and manufactures ultra precision machining solutions for freeform diamond turning, milling, and grinding which are used to produce optical lenses, mold inserts, mirrors, and precision mechanical components. Our machines produce rotationally symmetric, asymmetric, freeform, and sculpted geometries with form tolerances in the sub-micron range and nanometer surface finishes. NHK World Video of a Freeform mirror for Head-up Display and Projection Optics applications
– courtesy of Crystal Optics and NHK Network) – Link to Mid-Infrared 30 meter telescope application.
AZO Network recently conducted an interview interview "Precitech Solutions for the Automotive Industry" with Jeff Roblee,
VP of Technology, and Ed Freyenhagen, Director of Engineering.
Precitech announces the release of DIFFSYS v4.74 and a new program to allow customers to "catch up" to the latest version.
Learn what's new and email if you are interested in taking advantage of the catch up special.
Mike Tanniru and Dr. Ralf Dupont presented "Industrial Tool Holding for Ultra-Precision Machining" at euspen's
16th International Conference & Exhibition ...Link to poster exhibit
> Download 4.74 Demo
Precitech's solution for
Freeform Head-up Display
(HUD) Mold Manufacturing
If you are looking to manufacture Head-up Display molds for automotive or aerospace applications, the Nanoform® 700 ultra or Nanoform® L 1000, are uniquely positioned to meet your needs. When equipped with an HD-160 spindle with a C axis and Adaptive Control Technology (ACT) there is no better solution on the market today.
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Hanover, Germany, 29 May - 2 June
Taipei, Taiwan, 14 -16 June
See us at:
Microgroove generator for machining intersecting grooves on flat and freeform surfaces

Drum Roll Lathes right-sized
for a full range of market needs
with high weight
capacity oil bearing
For large scale
with air bearing spindles
For small scale production

In this interview, Jeff Roblee, VP of Technology, and Ed Freyenhagen, Director of Engineering, talk about key applications for ultra precision machining in the automotive industry and the enabling technologies that make realizing them possible.   (Read More)   

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The first annual North American DIFFSYS User’s Group Meeting
was held at the Best Western hotel in Keene, NH on 4 May, 2017. There was a very good turn out with representatives from BAE, Clear Align, General Dynamics, ISP Optics, Janos, Rochester Precision Optics, Syntec, and Wilcox Industries all participating. We were happy to also have Alan Edwards, the founder of DIFFSYS in attendance. The meeting was a chance for DIFFSYS users to share their experiences and collaborate with other expert users. If you are interested in attending future user group meetings please contact Kirk Rogers or Cathi Giard.

Precitech announces a
PEPS® II-VX retrofit on installed machines and as an option on all new machines.

Active on machine vibration isolation
and precision leveling system

PEPS® II-VX is a digital non-contacting, height control and active vibration cancellation system. A version ideally suited for ultra precision machining, was jointly developed by Precitech and the vibration experts at TMC. PEPS® II-VX works with the existing pneumatic vibration isolation system eliminating the mechanical height valve and height sensing linkage. The result is a first-of-its-kind active on-machine vibration isolation and precision leveling system. (Read More)
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